We like nice bikes!
We love riding with friends and stop for a good coffee!
We dream to shape the bicycles of future!



At Gregario, passion for bicycle and everything around it drives us. We like doing things right, riding hard, make us useful and contribute to your successes.

We are professionals specialized in design, development and manufacturing of cycling products. After years of experience in this field, we have experimented, simulated, realized and tested many products. Many of them were successful, some failed giving an opportunity to learn something new, just as it could happen on pedals. Our knowledge it is based by these experiences. We are able to find the ideal solutions for you, to provide innovative ideas and unique features for your product. You will recognize us faithful teammates at your service and our clean and direct way of collaborating will surely be appreciated by you. Over the years, this helped us to establish relationships of trust with many partners, their word is our best advertisement.

We strongly believe that we can help you and create marketing value through the product development phase.
We will team work to achieve all the goals that we will plan together!

All this is Gregario – Cycling Development Lab


SALVATORE “Totò for friends”

As a kid born in a family bike shop, learn the art of bicycles and jump as soon as possible on racing ones was a given. Since 6 years old, I spent almost all my free time help my father take care and fixing bikes. With my brother and a pump (already old at the time!) as a friend, we used to inflate the tourists wheels and gain the first tip. In this way I became a passionate cyclist and a mechanical keen.
When I was 18, I moved to Torino, at his Politecnico, to deepen my study in mechanical engineering. Bicycles were always on my thoughts, riding, understand the technology behind and follow trends. My graduation project couldn’t be other than a bicycle component study, a carbon composite fork in collaboration with Columbus – Cinelli Company. Not only, I was lucky to meet many friends and been in touch with mates of the HPV bicycle rocket project too that born in that period.
After few years in a big aeronautical related company, where I learn a lot about complexity and project management, I took the challenge and moved to a small bicycle components company, re-started from scratch but having an heritage brand. That company grew and establish itself as one of the most innovative in the years coming: 3T. I spent my time mostly in the design and development department, but I were lucky to travel a lot and follow other aspects too, moved to Asia for long. During these years I had the fortune to collaborate with many companies and persons, from which one I learn a lot.
At the end of 2017, I felt I need to going further, so I founded GREGARIO, a Cycling Development Lab, that is more than a design studio. The aim is to offering independently my expertise in the cycling industry, base on engineering culture, design, testing, industrialization and way more.



I fell in love with bicycles in adulthood, just after my master studies and before starting the PhD. I made up for lost time by throwing myself at 360 ° on all forms and modes of pedaling, from urban commuting to touring, from UCI road bikes to recumbent and human powered vehicles (HPVs) in general. This last passion led me to be co-founder and first president of the association Propulsione Umana (HPV Italy) and to stimulate the birth of the Policumbent Team at Politecnico di Torio, which I have coordinated with passion for over 10 years in pursuit of the land speed world records. Moreover, I'm board member of the IHPVA (International Human Powered Vehicle Association) and Editor in Chief of the association technical journal (Human Power).
I invested about 12 years as a researcher (under various contracts) at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino, dealing with cryogenic treatments, dynamic analysis of powerplant and, of course, human-powered vehicles. Here I had the opportunity to develop experimentation and simulation skills, always accompanied by a rigorous scientific approach.
By coordinating the Policumbent student team I increased my managerial skills: listening to people, deal with critical issues, plan detailed activities without losing focus on milestones and paying attention to time and budget limits. Every single step aiming exclusively to the success of the project.
Gregario is the new intriguing adventure to which I intend to dedicate energy and passion to bring innovation to the fascinating world of traditional cycling.


Even if that will be go upstream with respect to the current "social" trend, the privacy of the companies working with us and their projects are worth it!

You will not find any link to the brands we partner. At the end this is what you would like when you call us: make our job, perform at top and remain confidential about your info. The best Gregario do this, during and out of a races! From product categories side, we work at many levels on a lot of projects, ranging from frames and forks to aerobars and stems, from integrated systems to group-set components and wheels. You will not find a useless list here, but if you think at any bicycle related product, it will be rare that we don’t say: yes we can!

Certain, there are some projects that we can show you because they belong to us. You will find more in this page or at blog page as soon as we go live!



Every project start with a market analysis. Competitors and targeted customers are defined and studied. From this starting point it is possible to set your targets and the best path to reach it. A lot of the possible success of your product depend from this phase. You should start having clear the idea of what you want, and Gregario can help in this.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies
Gregario will help you to understand if your idea or product can go further. Thanks to our expertise we are able to propose diffe- rent solutions, evaluate key points and discover possible technical issues before too late. Moreover, thanks to our broad supplier relations we can check together if it is viable and economically justifiable.


Thanks to top notch software and skills, at Gregario, we can model complex shapes. We will realize preliminary sketches and then refine it with 3D tools. Your product will stand out for its originality and at same time will be functionally driven.


Gregario is not just shape design, we will go deep, evaluating aspects such as structural behaviour, manufacturing process, inte- gration with other system and material, etc.. at the end, our core is made by engineering.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

When needed, Gregario can use FEA for structural evaluation or CFD for aerodynamic refinements. We are conscious, differently than others, that using pre-packaged steps model of a software seems simple but build the skills and understand what really happen is not for everybody. The main aspect is played by correlation with reality. For this reason we only collaborate with experts of one type of simulation per time, with broad experience in what they do, and we guide you into the overall development. Everybody can have a data out of a calculation, few can read what really matters, help you understand more, and find the way to use such information.

Prototyping and Reverse engineering

We have experience in building of several prototypes, from the Rapid Prototypes made for shape definition, check of interferences, ergonomic evaluation, to something structural to be tested. Thanks to our integrated system, we can manage at different steps of the development, the manufacturing and evaluation of prototypes. We define and build from minimum viable product to pre-production sample. Why we don’t have this or that machines in house? Because we don’t focus only on one technology or material, but we prefer to have our trusted suppliers with a broad range of technology to offer you the best for your needs. All the development and process are managed from us, only the hardware belongs to suppliers. This is possible thanks to the trusted relation and strong agreements we have with them.


Gregario collaborate with the best labs in Italy, Germany and Hong Kong, for a better and independent testing. We utilized the same testing bench for several years so we can define our testing protocols suitable for your needs. We guide you into development testing or certification if needed. Not only, we opened a collaboration with one of the best wind tunnel operator, and we experience the test and refinement of several products into it.

2D technical drawing/Bill of materials

We strongly believe that only a structured technical 2D can avoid misunderstanding in production. At the end we think that technical 2D is a fundamental part of a sourcing contract. Gregario can help you in this. Don’t trust supplier that need only a 3D model. Tolerances, fitting, appearance need to be fixed with your input on a sheet in a clear and professional way.


Gregario is not a graphic designer or a lawyer, but due to past experiences can help in the technical definition of procedures and manuals. Sketch, exploded assembly, assembly step and tip.


Our broad supplier relations is at your disposal. We will introduce you in the manufacturing of a cycling industry. Thanks to years of experience and strong relations, we can help you to find the proper supplier and plan your outsource activities, in Italy as in Asia.

Quality control

We can check for you the production. In any place you are, we have our collaborator that can help you professionally in this activity.

Appraisals and warranty management

Sometimes can happen you need an expert in this area to understand a bit more. Gregario will find the best solution for you.


if there’s something we can’t do, we’ll find and work with the people that can.

We like nice bikes!
We love riding with friends and stop for a good coffee!
We dream to shape the bicycles of future!