Even if this is upstream from the current “social” trend, the privacy of the companies that work with us and of their projects is of great value.
You will not find any links to the brands we work with. In the end this is what you want when you call us: to do our job, give our best and keep your information confidential. The best wingman does it, in and out of the race.
On the product category side, we work at many levels on many projects, ranging from frames and forks to handlebars and stems, from integrated systems to groupset components and wheels. You won’t find a useless list here, but if you think about any bicycle-related product, it will be rare that we won’t say: yes, we can..




Each project starts from a market analysis. Competitors and customer targets are defined and studied. From this starting point you can set your goals and the best path to achieve them. The possible success of your product depends a lot on this stage. You should start to have a clear idea of what you want, and Gregario can help you with that.



Feasibility studies

Gregario will help you understand if your idea or product can work. Thanks to our experience we are able to propose different solutions, evaluate the key points and discover any technical problems before it’s too late. Furthermore, thanks to our relationships with suppliers, we can check together whether it is feasible and economically justifiable.




Thanks to first-rate software and skills, at Gregario, we are able to model complex shapes. We will make preliminary sketches and then refine them with 3D tools. Your product will be distinguished by its originality and at the same time will be driven in a functional way.




Gregario does not only design forms. We will go in depth, evaluating aspects such as the structural behavior, the manufacturing process, the integration with other systems and materials, etc.
After all, our core is made up of engineering.



Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

When necessary, Gregario uses FEA for structural evaluation and CFD for aerodynamic refinements. We have built our internal skills and guide you in the overall development. Anyone can get data from a calculation, but few can read what really matters to help you make the best use of that information.


Prototyping and Reverse engineering

We have experience in building several prototypes. Thanks to our integrated system, we can manage different stages of development, production and evaluation of prototypes. We define and build from the smallest achievable detail to the pre-production sample. We have our own in-house machine for rapid prototyping, but we don’t focus on just one technology or material, so we prefer to have our trusted suppliers with a wide range of technologies to choose the most suitable for your needs. All development and process is handled by us, only part of the hardware belongs to the vendors. This is possible thanks to the relationship of trust and the strong agreements we have with them.




Gregario collaborates with the best laboratories in Italy, Germany and Hong Kong, for reliable and independent tests. We have been using the same test rigs for several years so that we can define test protocols that suit your needs. We guide you in development testing or certification if needed. Not only that, we have partnered with one of the best wind tunnel operators, and have experienced the testing and refinement of several products within it.



2D technical drawing/BOM

We firmly believe that only a structured 2D drawing can avoid misunderstandings in production. Ultimately, 2D drawing is a key part of a sourcing contract. Gregario can help you with this. Don’t trust the supplier who only needs a 3D model. Tolerances, fit, appearance must be fixed with your input on a sheet clearly and professionally.




Gregario is not a graphic designer or a lawyer, but due to previous experience he can help in the technical definition of procedures and manuals.



Supply chain

Our extensive supplier relationships are at your disposal. We will introduce you to the manufacturing of the cycling industry. Thanks to years of experience and solid relationships, we can help you find the right supplier and start your outsourcing activities, in Italy as well as in Asia.



Quality control

We can check the production for you. Wherever you are, one of our collaborators can help you professionally in this activity.



Appraisals and warranty management

Sometimes it can happen that you need an expert in this sector to understand a little more. Gregario will find the best solution for you.

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