Introducing VERA

The Ultimate Customizable Cycling Experience

Welcome to the future of bicycle customization with VERA, the world’s first integral monocoque composite frame-kit that redefines the boundaries of bespoke design. Masterfully crafted in Italy, VERA groundbreaking technology transcends tradition by merging cutting-edge innovation with an unwavering commitment to quality, performance and style.

Say goodbye to preformed tubes, co-molding and tube-to-tube methods that restrict your imagination. VERA patented modular mold process empowers us to create a truly one-of-a-kind cycling experience tailored to your specific needs, desires and dimensions. 

This is no ordinary frame-kit; this is a captivating and personalized work of art that takes high-end bicycle customization to unprecedented heights.

Made to measure, to the millimeter

At the pinnacle of cycling excellence, where craftsmanship meets technology, there’s no room for off-the-shelf standard sizes. A customized frame kit adapts to your body and your riding style without asking you for compromises, optimizing your posture right from the design stage and unleashing all your cycling potential. Not only the frame, but also stem and handlebars are customized in length and width.


You are free to choose your measurements independently, with the help of your trusted bike fitter or through the digital experience of our webapp.

Integral monocoque

A single lay-up and cure process, with no shortcuts, gluing or preformed tubes. Fully monocoque from the head tube to the rear dropouts, allowing the carbon fiber to best express its structural characteristics.


In aerodynamics it’s the details that make the difference and in the shapes of VERA nothing is left to chance. Each choice comes from an in-depth study of the interactions between frame, components and cyclist in motion thanks to our experience as consultant in CFD and in the wind tunnel.

Integration and ergonomics

The stem and handlebar combination designed by Gregario reconciles integrated wiring and seasonal posture needs. In addition to the customization of the measures (stem length and handlebar width), thanks to the patented mechanism you can change the angle of attack to adapt your posture to the physical condition of the moment or to the specific needs of the single race and keeping the aerodynamic profile of the handlebar always perfectly horizontal. 

The integration of the seatpost brings aerodynamic and structural advantages, also giving elegance to the whole design. The possibility of height adjustment within a range of ±30 mm remains open, allowing seasonal adaptations or adjustments resulting from a saddle change.

Accuracy and safety

A perfect fork must guarantee precision and riding safety. The geometry we have designed for the fork integrates perfectly with the frame of VERA, improving the aerodynamics of the head tube and down tube. Flat mount brake plates or dedicated calipers are supported. Monocoque construction without gluing, with integrated TA12 seats and carbon crown race directly from the mold.

Made in Italy

We put our heads and hands into it: conception, design, engineering and production take place proudly in Italy and by the hand of the Gregario Team. Only in this way we can guarantee the highest quality, which comes from our mix of passion, experience and total dedication.

Price and technical specifications will be released when opening for pre-orders

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