BESPOKE is not stack&reach

In the Gregario vision there is no place for a bespoke frame based on stack and reach. These two numbers are good for classifying frames in standard sizes to which the cyclist must adapt in spite of himself according to the indications of the bike fitter, by changing components and, often, by making postural compromises.


The custom frame according to Gregario comes from 5 fundamental points, which are reduced to 3 by symmetry: saddle, handlebar, pedal. It is here that our body interfaces with the bicycle and the design of the tailored frame must start from here, without intermediate or derived measurements.

The first step is the measurement of your body main segments, which is done through a smart approach by our webapp. A simple and intuitive procedure will guide you in measuring through the webcam of your mobile phone or PC.


To calculate your basic position on the saddle and identify the fundamental points, we have developed a method that combines science and experience, future and tradition, because this is how we proceed on the road to progress: aware of the cultural heritage entrusted to us by the great frame builders artisans and, at the same time, attentive to the continuous innovations that open up new paths. Yesterday there were just a few formulas, today it’s an algorithm, tomorrow it will be artificial intelligence (still trained and guided by the human one), different ways to condense, hand down and evolve the knowledge.

Unless you want to directly provide the coordinates of your ideal positioning, because you only trust yourself or your bike fitter. We respect your every choice.

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