Gregario is an innovative startup based in Italy.

Our R&D, design and engineering offices, as well as the production headquarters are located between the Cuneo bicycle district and the Turin industrial district.

Gregario was formally born in December 2019, sharing the more than ten-year experiences of its founders in the world of pedals. However our story starts from further away, from a friendship born in 2007, from a 2017 patent and from a find each other in 2018 which lays the foundations for a new adventure.


Our mission is to bring innovation to the cycling industry, disruptively rethinking design, engineering, production processes and customer relations.


Gregario doesn’t care if you are a pro or an amateur without great competitive ambitions: you deserve to be happy in every moment of your ride and this cannot happen if you ask your body to adapt to a standard size system that puts the uniqueness of each cyclist.

With VERA project we want to put the cyclist and his uniqueness back at the center of a personalized approach without renouncing the merits of the true integral monocoque. 

Come ride with us!


In Gregario we are moved by the passion for bicycles and for everything that surrounds them. We like to do things right, make ourselves useful and contribute to your successes. By integrating competence and passion we walk that narrow path on the border between engineering and craftsmanship, where innovations find fertile ground.

We are professionals in the design, development and production of cycling products. After years of B2B experience behind the scenes of the cycling industry we have experimented, simulated, built and tested many products. Most of them were successful, others provided an opportunity to learn something new.

In B2B we are faithful teammates at the service of our partners and our clean and direct way of collaborating is widely appreciated.

All this is Gregario – Cycling Development Lab

Salvatore Botrugno

MS Mech.Eng. | Founder and CEO | CTO R&D Engineering

10+ years experience in cycling industry 

+lifelong experience in the family bicycle workshop

Passion and expertise



Paolo Baldissera

MS Mech.Eng., PhD | Founder and co-CEO | CTO CAE & Testing

10+ years experience in team leadership and speed-bikes design at Politecnico di Torino

Resilience and reliability


Edoardo Chillotti

MS Mech.Eng. | Design Engineering

Joined Gregario in 2021 during his MS thesis. Putting at work his passion for cycling and growing fast as design engineer

Youth and versatility


Simone Bellinato

Project management & supply chain

Joined Gregario in 2020 bringing 10+ years of professional experience and a wide B2B network

Always on fire


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