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Few days ago we received our first prize for the startup project we are working on. Actually it is not the first at all, we have contributed to many others, but from a certain point of view this is the first directly assigned to us! Something we are glad, because let us know that we are on the good way. Many of you ask us for information and if Gregario is not just a brand for my consulting business, so I'm here to give some explanations. Let’s take a step back... together with the consultancy activity onset a couple of years ago, and thanks to who is now my teammate, started a business project that was in my mind since long time, but it was nothing more than an idea and a patent research. Until now, the project was not advertised since we preferred to focus on the purpose to bring something exclusive and really new on the market, but even more so because we prefer to do everything right and avoid shortcuts. We spent the last two year patenting, developing and figuring out how we want this new adventure to be. What we can say is that Gregario will no longer be solely dedicated to supporting companies in the cycling industry. Instead, it will expand its activities and skills with new ideas and new teammates, starting a research and development section that aims to bring innovative products to the support of you cyclists too. To develop, reinforce and bring these ideas to life I could not be a team without an experienced and fair partner, who also has a sincere passion for the world of pedals.. Besides, I couldn't have done it without a friend and adviser who believes in me.. He is Paolo Baldissera.

Paolo is currently a researcher from Politecnico di Torino, but first of all is the founder, coordinator and technical advisor of the Policumbent Student Team. Policumbent is a student team that since 10 years compete for the human powered vehicles speed records, the only Italian team ever attending (and winning in 2018) the World Human Powered Speed Challenge, with a constant and impressive progression of results at world level. A technical expert, but first a brilliant mind.

So, right now we cannot tell more details about what we are working on. Soon we will be able to share something more. Forgive us… it’s business! 😉 In the meantime, you already know that we are a Team now, that we are bringing to life an entrepreneurial project as startup, and that our business plan has been acknowledged with the special prize Cuneo from Fondazione CRC, at the StartCup XV Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta competition 2019 among over 130 participants. This recognition, besides representing an economic contribution, strengthens our conviction of being on the right track.

What we can say, is that we will revolutionize some opinions of the bicycle world!

Feel free to contact us if you think you can do your part in this new adventure: we are looking for investors and, also, for new teammates and friends.

Stay tuned, big news are coming soon…

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Blog | 11 August 2023

Cycling meditating

Every successful ride is first and foremost a meditation activity.

Sooner or later along the way, we find ourselves entering a sort of trance: the lungs ventilate, the heart pumps, the muscle memory becomes automatic pilot: intensity, timing, coordination, reflexes. At this point, the brain has “only” to keep an eye on potholes and other road users (and that’s no small thing), but, considering the available computing power, it finds itself unemployed on average. Daily problems are suddenly summoned to a quick and decisive mental meeting: what can be solved is solved, what is not important is reduced, a sudden “lateral” gaze opens up on what seemed insoluble. The shower upon return consolidates the thoughts, fixes the fundamental ideas and we are ready to face new personal and professional challenges.

However, all this happens only on one condition: the absence of pain. Fatigue isn’t a problem, that’s part of the game, it’s wanted and desired by the cyclist, but pain is a whole other story, pain ruins everything. A knee that becomes inflamed, an insistent discomfort in the neck or an unexpected burning in the groin can compromise all the meditative pleasure. The brain can’t focus on anything else: “Maybe if I go back a little on the saddle… no, now I’ll try standing up… nothing to do, I’ll go back to gripping high… nothing, maybe a sprint will help to unlock, nope… what do I do? I know I have to go back.” Missed goals and consequent disappointment.

Then, maybe, you wait a few days, even a week and try again. And what a frustration when that pain makes itself felt again, perhaps even after a few kms in which it has left us harboring the illusion of a successful ride. Even in the hypothesis of lowering the pace and concluding the following rides without problems, the mental state is compromised: one spends the time listening to the nerves, registering every slightest signal, in fear of recognizing the beginning of that pain again.

In the worst case, you enter a loop of medical visits, bike-fitting sessions, saddle/handlebar/stem/riser/cleat/adjustment changes/etc. And in all of this we stop at a certain point to think: where is that pleasure of getting on our most faithful bike, taking the road and quickly entering that meditation bubble?

Anyone who has known this path knows that a custom frame represents the most effective and long-lasting solution. A custom frame is designed to adapt to the physical and morphological characteristics of the cyclist, ensuring optimal posture, balanced weight distribution and less pressure on the joints. Thanks to this customization, the risk of experiencing pain and injuries is drastically reduced, allowing you to fully enjoy every pedal stroke and to keep your mind focused on the essence of the journey. Investing in a custom frame is investing in your physical and mental well-being, rediscovering that meditation in motion that makes cycling one of the most rewarding and liberating experiences. Only in this way will the cyclist be able to rediscover the true meaning of that meditation bubble on two wheels, where the body, the mind and the road merge in perfect harmony.

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