11 July 2020

CFD analysis to support the bike designer

Computational fluid dynamics analysis (CFD) is a simulation technique applied also in the sporting goods industry. Roughly summarized, CFD consists in discretizing a volume of fluid in many cells (in the order of millions for a bicycle) and solving for each cell a series of equations until the convergence of the calculation. Skeptics will say that in most cases for the bike industry it’s just Colorful Fluid Dynamics for mere marketing purposes, but one should not confuse what is shown on “the surface” with what is actually studied and kept confidential in order not to give precious informations to the competitors.
8 November 2019

Gregario: what is changing?

Few days ago we received our first prize for the startup project we are working on. Actually it is not the first at all, we have contributed to many others, but from a certain point of view this is the first directly assigned to us! Something we are glad, because let us know that we are on the good way.

Many of you ask us for information and if Gregario is not just a brand for my consulting business, so I'm here to give some explanations.